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Wedding Bands FAQ's

- What is the best metal for a wedding ring?

Some people consider gold to be the best metal for a wedding band, while others prefer newer metals like titanium or tungsten carbide. The choice depends on personal preference and the metal’s properties.

Traditionally, gold and silver have been the most commonly used metals for wedding jewelry. They are valuable, elegant, great as heirloom pieces, and easy to resize if needed. Both metals are soft enough to create more intricate patterns, but that also makes them more delicate and easy to bend compared to other metals. Gold is available in different karats. The maximum of 24K indicates pure gold, which means that it does not contain any other element. However, 24K gold is too soft, which is why it’s more common to find 18K or 14K gold jewelry made with hardening alloys. White and rose gold may contain allergenic metals or elements that lead to tarnishing. Likewise, silver will tarnish over time and will require maintenance.

Platinum and palladium are two of the most expensive options, but they provide more durability and scratch-resistance compared to silver or gold. Both platinum and palladium are hypoallergenic and can be resized. They have a silvery white hue and complement diamond settings perfectly.

Among the newer metals used in the jewelry industry, tungsten carbide and titanium stand out thanks to their extreme hardness and durability. Both are also hypoallergenic. Tungsten is heavy and dense as well as scratch-resistant. The hardest among all metals, tungsten makes rings impossible to resize as the material breaks with enough pressure. Titanium is incredibly lightweight compared to tungsten and is scratch-resistant. It can be resized to a larger size with some difficulty, but it can’t be made smaller as titanium can’t be soldered.

- How tight should your ring be?

You wedding band should fit snugly but not tightly at the base of your finger. It should never cause any bulging and it should not leave any marks on your skin. While putting the ring on, you should feel only a slight friction on the knuckle. Taking a ring off should require a little more force than putting it on, but it should be easy to do. Keep in mind that sometimes finger swell, like in the morning or during the summer months. In these cases, you should wait for the swelling to go down before taking your ring off.

What is comfort fit wedding band?

A comfort fit wedding band has a rounded interior to feel more comfortable to wear. These rings usually fit slightly looser on the finger, so they should be ordered in a half size smaller than a standard size. However, comfort rings with a wider design of more than 8mm fit more snugly and they should be ordered in a standard size.

- What is the most expensive metal for rings?

Rhodium is the rarest metal in the world and it is the most expensive. It is used as plating, as the metal is too brittle to make jewelry or rings. Among other precious metals, palladium and platinum are the most expensive. They are part of a category of popular precious metals that includes gold and silver. Since palladium is extremely rare and its use in the automotive industry to make cleaner exhaust systems has grown significantly, its has become more expensive than platinum since 2019. This means that palladium and platinum jewelry cost more compared to other metals.

- Are fingers fatter in the morning?

Yes, fingers do swell sometimes during the night. There are many reasons why that happens, both harmless and more serious. A diet high in sodium, sitting still for prolonged periods of time, sleeping in awkward positions, and pregnancy may all lead to finger swelling. Other causes include taking certain medications, arthritis, and other medical conditions that may require a visit to a doctor.

- What does it mean if you have chubby fingers?

Chubby fingers usually indicate a weight surplus, but they may also have other causes. Finger swelling may be caused by some medications, being in a hot environment, sleeping in awkward positions that put pressure on the hands, being pregnant, or having certain medical conditions.

- What rings cannot be cut off?

You cannot cut tungsten carbide or ceramic rings, as they simply crack and break under pressure. They can be easily removed in the case of an emergency, however. Titanium rings can be cut off, but they may be slightly harder to cut than softer metals.

- What metal is most hypoallergenic?

While it depends on the manufacturing process, titanium, platinum, tungsten carbide, cobalt, and palladium are the most hypoallergenic metals in the jewelry industry. 24K gold is pure, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain any other elements, but it is also soft. Generally, jewelers use 18K and 14K gold, which may contain elements that can cause an allergic reaction. Rhodium is hypoallergenic, but it is only used as plating (which wears off in time) as the metal is too brittle to craft rings.

- How do men choose wedding bands?

While every man is different, grooms generally look for a few things when choosing their wedding band.

The style is important, whether it’s a classic gold ring, a modern tungsten carbide wedding band, or a colorful design with a carbon fiber inlay. Next, the width. This depends on the man’s hand and finger size, but the average width for men’s wedding rings is 8mm. However, many men prefer the narrower 6mm or even 4mm rings, while others like the extra-wide 10mm wedding bands.

Buying a metal or non-metallic ring is also an important thing to take into consideration. Metal rings conduct electricity and may not be appropriate for certain jobs. In these cases, a ceramic or a silicone band may be a better choice. This also applies to firefighters, policemen, and men who work with heavy machinery.

Other things to consider are the fit (comfort or standard), the shape of the ring (flat or domed), and whether the style matches the bride’s wedding band.

- What is the best men's wedding band metal?

Depending on what your looking for, the answer to what is the best wedding band metal for men varies.

If the budget is not an issue, a platinum ring is the most valuable and sophisticated option. Platinum rings are resistant to scratches but will develop a dull patina over time, which can be easily removed with a polishing treatment. Palladium rings are also a more expensive choice and depending on the market can even surpass platinum in price.

In terms of durability and strength, tungsten carbide and titanium are the best options. Tungsten carbide has a hardness of 9-9.5 on the Mohs scale compared to titanium’s 6. Because of its hardness, tungsten carbide breaks under enough pressure. This may be a positive trait for men who work with heavy machinery as the ring cracks and breaks instead of bending and potentially making a finger injury worse. Both metals are scratch-resistant and tough as well as hypoallergenic. Tungsten rings can’t be resized, while titanium rings can be slightly enlarged but not reduced in size. Tungsten feels solid on the finger, but titanium feels incredibly lightweight.

- Is silver OK for a wedding ring?

Yes, silver is a good choice for a wedding ring and has been used for a long time as an alternative to gold. However, silver does has some disadvantages.

Sterling silver (made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloys) is softer than other metals and scratches more easily than tungsten carbide, titanium, or platinum. Because of this, people who work with their hands a lot should avoid wearing a silver wedding ring while working. Silver rings will also tarnish in time and will require maintenance treatments to make them look like new again. However, the softness of silver also makes more intricate designs possible, as jewelers can easily work with the metal to create different patterns.

The metal alloy added to silver to make it harder often contains copper or other metals that may cause allergic reactions. This means that silver wedding bands are not a good choice for someone who wants a hypoallergenic wedding ring.

- What type of ring does not tarnish?

Tungsten carbide, titanium, platinum, cobalt, and ceramic rings do not tarnish.

Other metals, including silver and 14K gold may contain other elements that may tarnish in certain conditions. Rose gold rings contain copper, which will tarnish over time. Buying high-quality jewelry from a reliable manufacturer will reduce the risk of having a ring made with cheaper metals and alloys.

- Can I use vinegar to clean my wedding ring?

You can use a white vinegar and water solution to clean many metals: high-quality gold, tarnished silver, titanium, tungsten carbide, and platinum rings. If the rings made of these metals are simple, don’t have a plating, inlay, or a delicate precious stone, you can safely clean them with a vinegar solution. However, it’s important to remember that plating, inlays, and precious stones can be damaged by the acid in the vinegar. In these cases, it is better to use warm water and soap, mild detergents, dish washing liquids, or special jewelry cleaning solutions.

- What metal is better than platinum?

It depends on what “better” refers to, as different metals have different properties. If buying a hypoallergenic metal ring that won’t tarnish is important to you, keep in mind that you can choose between platinum, titanium, or tungsten carbide – all of these metals are hypoallergenic and they won’t rust or tarnish.

In terms of hardness, palladium, stainless steel, titanium, and tungsten carbide are all harder than platinum, with palladium the closest to platinum and tungsten the hardest. The hardness of a metal makes it more resistant to scratches and daily wear and tear.

If you’re comparing the cost, both titanium and tungsten carbide are significantly cheaper than platinum but are also harder and more scratch-resistant. The downside of these new metals is that they are either impossible (tungsten) or extremely difficult (titanium) to resize.

If you’re looking for more creative ring styles, modern metals like tungsten carbide offer a larger selection of styles to choose from. It’s common to find tungsten rings with wood, opal, or mother of pearl inlays, for example.

- Do wedding rings have to be gold?

No, wedding rings do not have to be gold. While classic designs and traditional rings are usually made of gold, modern wedding bands can be made from silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten carbide, titanium, or even ceramic. The choice of material depends on the couple’s preference, available styles, and budget.

- Why do you wear your wedding ring on your left hand?

The custom of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand dates back to ancient Egypt. More than 6,000 years ago, Egyptians believed that the ring finger of the left hand had a vein directly connected to the heart. This connection coupled with the belief that the circular shape of the ring is a symbol of eternity reinforced the meaning of wedding rings as a representation of everlasting love.

- What do 3 rings symbolize?

Some women wear three stacked rings on their left-hand ring finger: the engagement ring, wedding band, and an eternity ring. The eternity ring is usually given on the first year anniversary to remind of the couple’s everlasting love.

- Does the girl buy the guys wedding ring?

Yes, it is traditional for the bride to buy the groom’s wedding band -  and vice versa! However, many younger couples prefer to shun this custom and buy a matching set together, splitting the cost and/or using their wedding budget to purchase the wedding bands.

- What does it mean when a man wears a black wedding band?

Wearing a black wedding band may mean different things. The man who chooses a black ring may simply want to make a style statement and stand out from the crowd. Black rings also signify strength and intensity, which gives a wedding band more meaning. Modern rings are also available in more unconventional designs, including black ceramic and tungsten or titanium rings with black finishes. Black silicone rings are often preferred by firefighters, policemen, and people who work with heavy machinery, as they are safe to wear and easy to remove in an emergency.

- Do you still wear your engagement ring after you get married?

Yes, the overwhelming majority of women wear their engagement ring alongside their wedding band after getting married. Many women choose their wedding ring specially to match their engagement ring and buy thinner bands in a similar style. However, it’s also a matter of personal preference. Some jobs may require the removal of an engagement ring at work, for example health workers.

- What is the 3rd wedding ring called?

The 3rd ring is called an eternity ring and symbolizes everlasting love.

- When should you buy your wife an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is usually given on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. It symbolizes eternal love, celebrates the relationship, and complements the engagement ring and the wedding band.

- How much should I spend on a men's wedding band?

How much you spend on a men’s wedding band depends on your budget, type of metal, design, and personal preference. For example, a platinum ring with a diamond setting will cost much more than a titanium or a tungsten carbide ring. Some people use around 3% of their wedding budget on wedding bands. The average cost of men’s wedding bands is between $300 and $600, but you can find many designs in high-quality, new metals at a significantly lower price.

- Should I sleep with my ring on?

It is not a good idea to sleep with your ring on, especially if it has precious stones or a prong setting. A ring can be easily caught in bedding, hair, or clothing. It can cause mild injuries but it can also be damaged, if you sleep on a softer metal ring, for example.

- Is comfort fit ring worth it?

If you want to wear a ring that feels comfortable to wear even if you work with your hands a lot and is easier to take off over the knuckles, then a comfort fit ring is a great choice. Comfort fit rings have a rounded, domed interior that makes them more enjoyable to wear for prolonged periods of time. Some designs may be slightly more expensive than a standard fit, as creating the domed shape requires a bit of extra material.

- How much do millennials spend on engagement rings?

According to a 2019 survey, millennials (and Gen Z) think an engagement ring should cost under $2,500. In the US, the average cost of engagement rings is between $5,000 and $5,500, while millennials spend $3,000 on average on an engagement ring.

- Which country has cheapest gold?

Introduced in 1919, the London Gold Fixing has set the benchmark price for gold twice a day as part of the London bullion market. Informally, this benchmark is used on an international scale, which means that gold costs roughly the same in different countries around the world.

- Which country has best quality gold?

If taking karats into account, China is the country with the best quality gold as the standard is 24 karats. China is also the world’s largest producer of gold. In India, the average for gold is 22 karats. European countries the average for gold is 14-18 karats. The US is the third largest gold producer in the world and the average for gold jewelry is between 14 and 18 karats.

- Do Pandora rings turn your finger green?

Pandora jewelry may contain copper, which reacts with the skin and may turn fingers green. Some Pandora rings contain only small amounts of copper in their silver alloy compositions, while others like the unique metal blend of Pandora Rose have a richer copper content and will eventually turn the skin green. This skin reaction is harmless and the green color comes off with soap and warm water.

Can you wear your wedding ring in the ocean?

You should not wear a wedding ring in the ocean. The colder water may lead to a slight shrinking of the fingers, which raises the risk of the ring slipping off the finger and getting lost. The amount of salt in the ocean can also damage metals and wedding band finishes, with some materials more susceptible to damage than others. For example, a silver, gold, or platinum ring will be damaged by salt, while a ceramic ring will not be affected at all by salt water.

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