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Laser Engraving

Laser Engraver for rings

What You Need To Know About Laser Engraving

Jewelry featuring laser engraving has become one of the more popular choices for our customers over the last few years, which is the reason why we made the decision to purchase a high-quality state-of-the-art laser engraver. Our latest system has enabled us to now engrave text & symbols. This provides a way to personalize any of your jewelry to perfection. 

You can engrave a loving and heartfelt message or an inside joke or saying that your partner understands, or coordinates for a location where your partner proposed or the date of your wedding, or anything else that is sentimental to you, provided you keep it to a maximum of 30 characters.

Important Notice: We are unable to engrave the inner sleeves made from mokume or wood.

If you have a ring that is 4mm in width of less, the only fonts available include Cambria or Gulim. If the ring is under 2mm, then we are unable to engrave it.

Laser Engraving Explained

As suggested by the name, this process involves a specific engraving style. Technically, the laser won't actually engrave your jewelry, because engraving involves carving or etching. The laser instead burns the personal messages into the surface of a ring. Which means that the right term should actually be laser marking instead, but many people refer to this practice as laser-engraving which is why the name stuck. Laser engraving can be done on any metal as well with many available symbols and fonts. In fact, the choices are endless on the fonts or images that a laser engraver can achieve, provided the file format is correct. If you are interested in something that is custom laser-engraved onto your ring, the chances are high that we can achieve what you are looking for. Contact us about our personal request for a quote on your personalized engraving. If you would like to find out more about laser-engraving, we suggest visiting a site like Wikipedia.

Will Your Engraving Scratch Or Rub Off?

Durability of engraving on the outside of your ring will depend on how durable the metal is. On the softer metals such as gold, the ring will get scratched over time and so will your engraving wear-away as time goes by. But engravings on hard metals like tungsten & titanium do not wear away as they are too hard, thus its very difficult to scratch the ring. Also, If the engraving is done on the inside of the ring or bracelet, it will never wear away, regardless of the metal, provided you wear the ring on a finger. Wearing your ring on your necklace may rub away the engraving on a ring made from gold over time.

Why Laser Engraving Is Easier To Read?

The end result of laser engraving is clearer to read as the laser will burn into the metal which turns the text or images darker, which means it will stand-out more. This doesn't mean that traditional types of engraving are harder to read, as traditional engraving involves carving into the metal, which means the depth is what makes it possible to read.

Where Should The Engraving Be On The Ring?

In most cases, most customers prefer engraving inside their rings, which is the part that comes into contact with your skin when you wear it. This means that others won't be able to see the message until you take your ring off. Some people like to show off their engraving and when this is the case, they prefer the engraving on the outside of the ring. The customers who prefer the wider metal rings like cobalt chrome or tungsten carbide sometimes prefer that the engraving is done on the outside of the ring, due to the width, which means they can choose larger engravings, which means it is easier to see. It will depend on your personal preferences when it comes to choosing where you would like your engraving done, and we will gladly assist you on giving advice on the available options and what type of engraving matches up to your ring best.

How Much Does The Laser Engraving Costs?

Typically, the costs involved in laser engraving is $25.00. However, this service is on offer for free if you are one of our valued-customers. The engraving can be a maximum of 30 characters which includes the spaces between words and images. 30 characters or less is typically enough for most peoples personal messages.

Do We Do Custom Engraving On Other Jewelry Or Wedding Bands?

In addition to text, we are can engrave images, pictures of fingerprints or symbols. Pretty much anything that is in an electronic-format can easily be engraved. For example, we have engraved pictures of our customer's partners or loved ones on pendants. We have also accommodated couples that ask for engraving of their fingerprints on wedding bands. We are even able to engrave your handwriting onto a ring. If you are interested in customized engraving, feel free to drop us a call for your quote. Our prices start at $30 for a unique one-of-a-kind customized engraving.

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