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Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands with Diamonds [Styles & Designs]

Diamond tungsten ring

A symbol of everlasting love, marriage should be celebrated with a ring that is as long-lasting as the commitment it honors. Mens tungsten rings with diamonds are a perfect choice, as they combine two of the most durable and strong materials in the world: tungsten carbide and diamond. Blending these two materials produces elegant results, with one-of-a-kind rings that feature classic or modern styles. Among this category of rings, black tungsten wedding bands with diamonds and rings with wood inlays are a popular choice for grooms-to-be who are looking for something special.

With the growing demand for tungsten rings, wedding band styles that combine tungsten and diamonds have also become more popular.

Sophisticated and elegant, mens tungsten rings with diamonds offer the best blend of quality, durability, and refined style. A good match for the hardness of diamonds, tungsten carbide is one of the strongest materials currently used in the jewelry industry. It has higher tensile strength than steel or titanium, and an incredibly high melting point. Put more simply, tungsten and diamond rings are perfect for those who want durable wedding rings.

A Short Guide to Diamonds

It’s common knowledge that diamond is one of the hardest materials in the world and that it’s used to cut or drill other hard materials. But how much do you know about diamonds?

Diamonds have a top hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. They’re made of carbon and have their atoms arranged in a crystal-like structure.

Jewelers use the ‘4C’ system to grade diamonds. Clarity refers to the small imperfections that may affect a diamond’s beauty, but many of these flaws actually remain invisible to the naked eye. The cut determines how well the diamond reflects the light. Carat relates to the size and weight of a diamond. Finally, color ranges from colorless (the highest purity) to black, yellow, red, and blue.

While the first historical mention of an engagement diamond ring dates back to 1477, diamond rings and jewelry became popular in the 1920s. Over the years, the styles evolved. Now, more and more grooms choose mens tungsten rings with diamonds for their wedding ring.

What about the symbolism of diamonds? Apart from being a symbol of power, strength, and purity, they also signify love and fidelity. Which makes them a natural choice to enhance wedding bands.

Available Styles and Designs

A match made in heaven, tungsten and diamond give a refined touch to the symbols of unconditional love. Mens tungsten rings with diamonds come in a range of styles, from classic to modern.

Available designs include simple wedding rings with a silver gray finish and a single diamond. Rings can also feature domed or flat ring shapes, beveled or pipe cut edges, brushed finishes or polished surfaces. Grooved patterns and geometric shapes can enhance these mens tungsten rings with diamonds further. 

Color plated and black tungsten wedding bands with diamonds offer more eye-catching ring options. These rings usually feature a plated finish which is not as scratch-resistant as simple tungsten. Colors can range from simple black with black or white diamonds, black and silver gray, and black and yellow gold.

Silver Gray Tungsten Rings with Diamonds

Silver gray mens tungsten rings with diamonds have beautiful designs that also include more classic styles. Grooms can choose a domed ring with a single diamond or wedding bands with channel set black diamonds.

Mens Tungsten Rings with DiamondsThose who prefer more creative styles can also opt for a wide ring with grooved patterns, rings with a carbon fiber inlay, or designs with multiple diamonds. Polished or brushed finishes, clear or colored diamonds, and pipe cut or beveled edges also provide more alternatives.

Black Tungsten Wedding Bands with Diamonds

One of the most striking options for grooms, black tungsten wedding bands with diamonds bring together the intensity of black finishes and the luxury of diamonds.

These rings can feature a black and yellow gold tone for visual impact, or a Mens Tungsten Rings with Diamondsrefined combination of silver gray and black tungsten. More creative mens tungsten rings with diamonds include designs with carbon fiber and blue accents.

Tungsten Rings with Diamonds and Wood Inlays

Mens tungsten rings with diamonds are already at the top when it comes to elegance and creativity. But apart from black tungsten wedding bands with diamonds, these rings can also integrate wood inlays into their designs.

Mens Tungsten Rings with DiamondsOne of the most precious types of wood in the world, the Koa tree grows only on the islands of Hawaii, where it’s a protected species. As cutting these trees is illegal, jewelers can only use wood taken from trees that have fallen naturally. This makes Koa wood rings exclusive and extra special. Koa wood also symbolizes strength and integrity, giving these rings an even deeper meaning. Tungsten rings with diamonds and Koa wood inlays can feature beveled edges and a polished finish or stylish diamond patterns that complement the natural beauty of the wood.