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Tips for Buying Rose Gold or Yellow Gold Inlaid Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

4 min read

Black and rose gold bands

If you’re looking for a special wedding band design that looks modern but also features some traditional elements, you can’t go wrong with black and gold mens wedding band styles. These types of rings usually pair the classic gold with a new metal like tungsten carbide. Completed with a dark coating, black tungsten makes gold stand out even more as it adds contrast to the gleaming metal.

Here are some tips you can use to make sure that you get your money’s worth. These tips will also help you keep your ring looking great for a long time.

  • Choose a reputable jeweler that uses quality materials and gold with a purity of more than 10k, which is the cheapest gold. Ideally, you should buy a ring with at least 14k or 18k gold plating.
  • Make sure that your ring is completed with an IP plating, not traditional gold plating. IP plating is more durable and will not scratch as easily.
  • Keep in mind that black metal bands have a coating that will fade and scratch over time. It’s best to remove these rings before cleaning, showering, or swimming.
  • Store your wedding band overnight in its box or place it on a side table to minimize the risk of scratching or damaging the ring in your sleep.
  • Gold rings are easy to engrave. While tungsten carbide is the strongest metal, that doesn’t mean it can’t be customized with a text via laser engraving. Make sure to buy your black and gold mens wedding band from a jeweler that offers this option.
  • If you want a ring that matches your significant other’s, find a jeweler that makes men’s and women’s black and gold rings with a similar design.


Tungsten vs. Gold

Tips for Buying Rose Gold or Yellow Inlaid Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Tungsten carbide and gold are two incredibly different metals, but they also work especially well together 

While tungsten has the highest tensile strength among all metals and it’s virtually impossible to bend, gold is soft and scratches more easily. Black tungsten features a coating that is not scratch-resistant and will fade over time and with daily wear. Likewise, gold jewelry will require some maintenance over the years, as the surfaces can scratch. Depending on design, tungsten can actually add a layer of protection for gold inlays. For example, gold inlaid in grooves will not scratch as easily as a wedding band made of gold only. Tungsten carbide that doesn’t feature any colored coating is scratch-resistant and will look beautiful for many years without needing maintenance.

Many rings made with tungsten and gold will feature 18k gold plating. This type of gold contains 75% gold combined with an alloy that provides more strength and durability. By contrast, pure 24k gold is incredibly soft and almost impossible to wear daily without developing scratches or even unsightly dents. Tungsten and gold rings feature a gold plating that may be applied with either traditional methods or the more durable IP plating technique.


A stylish combination of classic and contemporary design

These rings are more sophisticated than a simple gold ring or the plain gray tungsten wedding band. They come in either yellow gold or rose gold options and with black or silver tungsten. As women’s styles are also usually available for this type of ring, it’s easy to order matching wedding bands for the big day. Tungsten is also easy to engrave with a laser, which means that grooms and brides-to-be can customize their black and gold rings. Whether you prefer mens wedding bands with black and rose gold or yellow gold tungsten wedding bands, you can easily find a ring you will love to wear a lifetime.

Black wedding bands have become popular over the last few years. However, black and gold mens wedding band designs offer something more special compared to a black ring. These designs marry classic and modern style but also provide a creative twist on traditional wedding jewelry.

Plated yellow gold tungsten wedding bands are a great choice for men who prefer wedding rings that have the appearance of classic gold. Finally, gold inlaid rings provide a range of options with more minimalist or complex patterns.

Tips for Buying Rose Gold or Yellow Inlaid Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

While generally they have a contemporary style, these rings also suit someone who loves classic rings with a twist. Some rings feature minimalist designs with a simple gold lineacross a black tungsten ring. Others have more detailed patterns and can even combine different materials, like this  ring with a rose gold and meteorite inlay. Depending on personal preference, grooms-to-be can choose between mens wedding bands with black and rose gold or yellow gold tungsten wedding bands.

Mens wedding bands with black and rose gold

Tips for Buying Rose Gold or Yellow Inlaid Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Black metals and rose gold are a great match. If you’re looking for a durable ring, you can select between various black tungsten wedding bands with rose gold plating or rose gold inlays. A wedding band with a brushed exterior and a rosy groove on the middle of the ring is elegant and timeless. For a more eye-catching design, you can choose an artisan-style ring with a black interior and a rose gold exterior with a hammered finish.

Yellow gold tungsten wedding bands

Tips for Buying Rose Gold or Yellow Inlaid Black Tungsten Wedding Bands

Yellow gold tungsten wedding bands are just as creatively designed as rose gold options. For example you can find tungsten rings with yellow gold plating and a black carbon fiber inlay. Or a gray tungsten ring with grooved IP plated gold sides with a black center. If you prefer simpler designs, you can pick a ring that features a brushed matte exterior and a yellow gold plating on the interior.

Gold inlaid rings

Whether you prefer yellow or rose gold, you can find a range of gold inlaid rings. Styles range from simple with matte black tungsten and rose gold with pipe cut edges to a black and gold mens wedding band with a black trapezoid center or a two-tone ring with a black interior, yellow gold inlaid exterior with a hammered finish and a polished groove on the center.

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