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Engagement Ring Options Other Than Diamonds

3 min read

Engagement Ring Options Other Than Diamonds

My older sister was preparing to tie the knot just a few years back when the credit crunch hit us the hardest. She and her finance were in search of an inexpensive option to buying an overly expensive diamond, but still wanted a gem that would seem like a diamond engagement ring. While I was assisting them to look for ring options, we devised a few tricks for having a contemporary engagement ring that is not necessarily the usual diamond.

Using a Different Gem

If you and your husband-to-be are July babies, the best alternative to a diamond gem would be ruby. And if you have a thing for emerald, it would be a good idea to put on an emerald engagement ring. And if you are thinking of having your wedding in September, a sapphire engagement ring would be the best fit for you. There are many other gemstones which are clear and resemble diamond, like the white topaz or white sapphire. Your ring must not have a diamond on it, and similarly, it must not have a single stone. You could have a special channel-set gem next to the band at your wedding, or wear just a pure blue aquamarine so symbolize you making your vows by the beach. While diamond is a tradition for many, it doesn't have to be the rule. Wear a gem that makes you and your spouse happy.

Synthetic Diamonds

You've probably fantasized having a colorless stone on your ring finger. If this is the case, you will need a gem that resembles diamond but doesn't go for such a high cost. If you are considering human-made diamonds, the cubic zirconia will be the first option to come to your mind. This, however, is not the only synthetic diamond you will find on the market. You should also consider laboratory-created diamonds. While such diamonds are products of the lab and not mined, they are inexpensive options and have a similar chemical composition as that of an actual diamond.


Moissanite is often obtained from meteorites although it is also produced in labs to give it a lower cost. Just like a diamond, moissanite is a hard gem that resists scratches, bears the fire and brilliance of a diamond and costs less than half the price of a real diamond stone. It's also difficult to differentiate between a moissanite and a diamond.


Opal is one exciting gem. You will never find a gem that is similar to another. Some can have a milky white appearance, and others could have more fire or a better color within the body of the gem. While opal is not the most durable gem, it can be gracefully transformed into a sparkling engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Options Other Than DiamondsEngagement Ring Options Other Than Diamonds


Crystal is another excellent alternative to diamond. When set in an attractive engagement setting, it would be difficult to differentiate it from a diamond. This charming and bright gem will have a look similar to that of diamond and is apparently an excellent addition to your wedding jewels.


While it is not as hard-wearing as diamond, this stone is an inexpensive and stout alternative to a diamond ring. Quartz often has numerous color options for you to choose and if it suffers any blemish, it will not cost you a fortune to replace the stone. .

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Heirloom and Vintage Rings

Another good alternative to buying an expensive diamond engagement ring is to look for a vintage piece of gem. You will have endless options and vast price ranges as well, and you can easily find a beautiful masterpiece that is within your budget when you consider vintage rings. Another impressive feature about vintage rings is that they always have takes behind them, so you can emulate the romance and love behind your ring of choice.

Sometimes you might be fortunate to receive a family heirloom to use as your engagement or wedding ring. Unfortunately, heirlooms are often precious items from people who have passed away or whose relationships didn't end well, but this does not imply that you cannot inject some new life into your newly acquired heirloom ring.

Engagement Ring Options Other Than Diamonds

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