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Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: This warranty does NOT apply to our custom made gold rings(Read more below ) 

Year One

In the unlikely event of your ring getting damaged in any way, you'll benefit from free replacement. You'll only need to pay for the shipping to send us back your ring.

After The First Year

If your ring gets damaged after the first year of warranty, we will replace it for a small deductible of $45. 

If Your Ring Doesn't Fit After The First Year

If you want us to resize your ring after 30 days (this doesn't occur too frequently), you'll be able to exchange the ring for a new size for a small deductible of $30. Most of our rings are made of materials that doesn't allow resizing, hence our decision to send you a new ring.

Note: The warranty, including the 30-day ring exchange and the 14-day return, will only start after your wedding day. All you have to do is send us any kind of receipt or invoice that can confirm the date.

How Does This Affect You?
Should anything occur to your ring during the first year, we'll replace it for free. Just send your ring back, and we are going to replace it free of charge.

How To Request Your Warranty?
In order to benefit from your warranty, contact us for instructions here.

What Your Warranty Doesn't Cover?

  • Your warranty doesn't cover scratches and other signs of normal wear, unless your ring said scratch proof.
  • The warranty doesn't cover lost rings. If you lose your ring, we won't be responsible for it.
  • The warranty strictly covers the ring, not the inlay. Inlay damage is considered normal wear and tear.
  • We can't promise we are always going to carry the ring model you've purchased. If you ring is unavailable in the future we will allow you to pick a new ring of equal value. 

Applies To Original Purchaser only.

  • We won'r be responsible for any alterations of the ring, engravings included. We will still replace your ring for free, in accordance with the above mentioned warranty rules, but we won't cover any of the additional work you had done on your ring.
  • All shipping fees are your responsibility.
  • TheArtisanRings is not liable for the sentimental or intrinsic value of the original ring.


Warranty for Custom Made Gold Rings:

All precious metal rings can only be returned within 30 days in new condition. All precious metal rings returned with signs of wear will incur a 25% refurbishing fee.

All precious metal ring returns must be approved before being sent in, please contact us first. Any precious metal rings sent to us will be sent back if not approved. Please adhere to all safety instructions and insure your ring when you send it back for any reason. We do not cover any loss or damages during shipment, as we have no control over the ring until it is received. 

Please note that any Customs Taxes accrued through shipping are the sole responsibility of the recipient. There is a 25% warranty fee for precious metal rings exchanged after 30 days.