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Why Choose Black and Blue Mens Wedding Bands [UPDATED]

4 min read

Over the past few years, more and more people choose a bolder design for their wedding ring. The abundance of new, modern styles provides plenty of choice, but also makes it more difficult to pick the perfect ring. Moving beyond the classic gold and silver rings, tungsten, titanium, and ceramic rings offer a more creative alternative. Among the new wave of modern rings, black and blue mens wedding bands stand out as one of grooms’ favorite styles.

Blue tungsten

Read this article to find out more about this popular type of jewelry, from the available designs, to the meaning of the color blue, types of materials, and tips for picking the ideal wedding ring.

Making a Style Statement with a Colored Wedding Ring

Popular especially with young couples, colored wedding bands provide an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and express a unique sense of style. Black and blue mens wedding bands offer a good blend of elegance – black never goes out of style – and eye-catching color.

The popularity of tungsten explains why many men choose black tungsten rings for their big day. However, there are other options available, including ceramic and titanium rings. The designs also vary from simple to more intricate, providing a good range of options for grooms-to-be.

Bold Designs

Regardless of their style, black and blue mens wedding bands always make a strong first impression. They are more eye-catching than traditional gold or platinum rings. At the same time, they also show the wearer’s personality and modern style.

Black and Blue Mens Wedding Bands


While some rings only have a single blue groove across the center, other wedding band designs feature bright inlays, textured finishes, and geometric patterns.

The Meaning of the Color Blue

More than just a beautiful color with a calming effect, blue also has a deeper meaning. The color blue symbolizes loyalty, trust, stability, faith, and wisdom. All of these things transform it into a natural choice to enhance wedding rings. Black plating and matte finishes add contrast to make any blue details look brighter. As a result, black and blue mens wedding bands signify both strength and loyalty.

Available Styles

Thanks to the growing popularity of black and blue mens wedding bands, the available styles offer something for every preference. While still somewhat limited in style, black tungsten rings with blue detailing range from simple to complex.

Grooms-to-be can choose a domed or a flat band. The former has a more classic look, while the latter is modern. Likewise, the style of the edges gives these wedding bands a distinctive look. Options range from the simple pipe cut edges to step edges and the popular rings with beveled edges.

Complementing finishes can make even the simplest of styles look more elegant. Brushed matte black rings with a polished blue interior or blue groove on the center are a good example.

Other design options include geometric patterns for a more creative style, cubic zirconia settings, and inlays.

Types of Inlay

Those who want a special wedding band that is also long-lasting can opt for a black ring with a blue inlay. Inlay options include opal, mother of pearl, and blue lapis. Apart from its striking appearance, blue opal also signifies harmonious communication and healing. Blue mother of pearl has an iridescent surface and symbolizes good luck and prosperity. A symbol of honor and loyalty, lapis gives a meaningful accent to black and blue mens wedding bands.

Black and Blue Mens Wedding Bands

Black and Blue Tungsten Rings

Since tungsten rings are popular in general, black and blue tungsten rings are a favored choice among grooms. Made of tungsten carbide, these rings have the highest tensile strength among metals and are impossible to bend. They are extremely durable, but they are not as scratch-resistant as gray tungsten rings. Black and blue tungsten rings come in a range of elegant styles. They can feature grooves, beveled edges with a blue color, and polished blue interiors.

Black and Blue Ceramic Rings

Ceramic is a hypoallergenic material, which makes it a perfect choice for those who can’t wear metal rings. Durable and scratch-resistant, ceramic is also fade-resistant. This means that it will keep its black color forever. Black and blue ceramic rings usually feature inlays. These range from blue opal to blue lapis and blue carbon fiber. In a similar way to tungsten rings, ceramic rings don’t bend.

Black and Blue Titanium Rings

More lightweight than tungsten rings, black titanium wedding bands are also hypoallergenic. Unlike plated rings, black titanium rings are comparable to ceramic when it comes to their scratch-resistance. Thanks to the chemical process used to give them their dark color, black titanium rings are black even beneath the surface. Although scratch-resistant, these rings are not scratch-proof. However, any scratches would be almost invisible to the naked eye.

Tips for Buying Black and Blue Mens Wedding Bands

If you want to buy a wedding band with a two-tone black and blue style, keep these tips in mind:

Choose the material that is right for you. Tungsten, ceramic, and titanium all have their pros and cons.

Buy from a retailer that offers returns if your ring doesn’t fit perfectly.

Remember that black and blue tungsten rings are not as scratch-resistant as simple gray tungsten rings.

Most rings are easy to customize. Some retailers offer this service for free, but you should be confident in the accuracy of your ring size before placing an order. Tungsten and ceramic rings can’t be resized and customized rings can’t be returned.

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